Big Buddha

The Big Buddha

           Phraphutthamingmongkhol-akenagakhiri Buddha, "Happiness on Top of Nagakerd Mountain" Contemporary art. Seated Buddha statue in Subduing Mara. Fundaments: 50 ferroconcrete piers as deep as 12 meters. Width: 25.45 m. Height: 45 m. Reinforced concrete structure adorned with white jade marble, Suriyakanta, from Myanmar (Burma). The weight of the white jade marble is approximately 135 tons per 2,500 sq.m. The statue was established on the top of Mount Nagakerd, Subdistrict Karon, Phuket Province.

           The name “Phraphutthamingmongkhol-akenagakhiri” was later granted and appointed as the Buddha statue -a treasure of Muang Phuket by Somdech Phra Yanasangvara, The Supreme Patriarch of Thailand on August 19, 2008. This was accepted with reverence by Mr.Suporn Wanichakul, the president of the corporation creating the Buddha statue.

Mingmongkul Satra 45

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